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Minimalist Business Card Templates

Grow your business with these chic personalized business cards. Minimalist Professional Elegant Black and White Business Card Minimalist and elegant professional black and white. It's a sophisticated look for consultant, writer, teacher and more. Simple Modern, Light Gray Linen Professional Business Card Chic and clean with simple name front. This is a digital image of light gray linen fabric. Custom logo modern minimalist white or any color business card Modern white or any color business cards with custom logo template. Modern, minimal design. Fonts, font colors and background colors can be changed with the design tool. Stylish Luxury Faux Gold Foil Business Card Simple, elegant business cards with a luxury feel, featuring clean, modern fonts on a background with subtle paint brush strokes in shades of pale grey with faux gold foil. This minimal, elegant design works for a variety of businesses. If you need any help customizing this, please message me us