How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Invitations

These days when you start the wedding preparations, your to-do list is quite high. In this article, you will find tips for choosing a wedding invitation.

Although the wedding invitation may not seem like an important detail, these stationery products, which you will reach your guests first, are important because they give the first clues about your wedding. These invitations let the guests know about the theme of your wedding, where, when and how the wedding will take place.

 Think about your wedding colors and make sure that the invitation colors match the wedding theme.

Wedding Invitations come in different sizes and shapes

Ttraditional wedding invitation card size and shape is 5 x 7 inch (12.7 x 17.78 mm). Other sizes and shapes can increase printing and postage costs.

Wedding invitation shapes and sizes from zazzle

This invitation live at zazzle Autumn Garden | Burgundy All In One Wedding Invitation

Invitation Shapes

Normal: Classic invites are rectangular, corners and edges do not have any cuts
Rounded: Its corners are cut into ovals.
Bracket: Its four corners and edges are cut in oval and shape like brackets
Scalloped: Scalloped edges
Ticket: Corners are cut ticket style
Tag: Similar to gift tags, the upper corners are cut and punched in tag style

After choosing the size and shape of the invitation, it was time for the colors and text.

Background and text colors should be opposite to each other. For example, if the background is black or dark blue, the text colors can be white, yellow or gold.
In addition, some designers keep the font sizes small, even if small texts can be easily read on the screen, they can be difficult to read when printed on paper. Normal book texts are 10-12 points, and when smaller fonts are printed, it is very difficult to read. So the writings of your invitation should be legible.

Wedding Invitations Themes

There are traditional themes used in wedding invitations. Invitation designers mostly concentrate on these themes.
Some important themes are: Folaral, botanical, rustic, elegant, tropical, beach, watercolor, simple, minimalist and modern wedding invitations.

and colors

You can coordinate with your wedding colors

The most used color themes of the invitations are: Burgundy, terracota, black and gold, black and white, purple, dusty rose, dusty blue, sage, green, gray etc.

Special invitation formats
Invitations are available in different formats. We can list them as follows, Tri-fold, magnetic, photo, non photo, all in one and all in budget.

Coordinating Stationery & Supplies

You can coordinate other stationery that goes with your invitations.
When purchasing invitations, you should consider other needs. Such as RSVP cards, thank you cards, enclosure cards, envelopes (envelopes are usually included in the invitation sale, you can choose the design), bridesmaid cards, belly bands, address labels, address stamp
Thinking, designing and purchasing all of these together provides you financial and moral convenience.

Happy wedding day.


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